Workout: How Heat Affects Your Workout

Stay cool during your hot-weather workout with these two minimalist & design hacks gears!

Summer is here and you’re looking to avoid extreme heat during your workout session. Whether you're doing yoga or a CrossFit workout: temperature will rise & heat will affect your body!

To help you cool down: of course you can take a sip of cold water. It will hydrate your body (and soul), cool you down from the inside but still: the air will always be HOT. 


  • Blood pressure will be high,
  • Body temperature will be pushed even higher,
  • Heart rate will go wild,
  • Sweat will not evaporate from your skin. 

And how does heat affect your workout then? 

  • You have the casual cramps,
  • You can have a bad workout by behind dehydrated, 
  • You can have heat exhaustion (nausea, weakness, headache, faint, all these bad symptoms),
  • And to finish: you can even collapse! 

That’s why we tried to find a solution! 

We looked everywhere on the internet to find THE brand to collaborate with and to give YOU (our lovely community) the solution to avoid that heat, coming from hell, during your next summer workout.  After days & days of research: we found them. 

Cool yourself in the most natural way with Evapolar. Evapolar is your Personal Air Cooler that can drop the temperature around you by 10-12 °C (depending on humidity level), wherever you are. Evapolar functionality is based on natural evaporative cooling technology with unique evaBREEZE material inside.

Evapolar air coolers use a fan to draw in warm stale air, where it passes over water-moistened pads. This immediately not only cools the air, but also humidifies and purifies it. It’s similar to the feeling of feeling an ocean breeze on a warm day... (aah, we need vacation...). Evaporative cooling is:

  • Natural way of cooling, using just water
  • Eco-friendly, no freon-like liquids and heat exhausted
  • Energy and cost efficient, low electricity bills 

You don’t know it but yes: you’ll love it. 

Check out Evapolar’s air coolers and stay tuned for our upcoming collaboration (2 little hints : evaCHILL & LIZ ;) ). 

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